BLK Financial Advisor's services fit into one of the three different client models below.

1. Financial Planning on a specific or comprehensive basis with BLK

Our model typically involves reviewing client data and goals in order to develop a strategic written plan that documents a family's financial profile as well as action plans.  There is a one-time fee for this initial plan development that varies based on the breadth of topics i.e. cash flow, net worth, investment planning, or any other client needs such as risk, retirement and estate planning. See the form in Resources for a more detailed explanation of services. Our financial planning process consists of the following steps. 

  • Client Goals Set- i.e. Save money for college or retirement income goals?
  • Gather Data - Our discovery process collects your pertinent personal data.
  • Analyze Data- BLK analyzes client data - do you have adequate insurance, are you on track to have adequate retirement withdrawals, etc..?
  • Create Financial Plan - BLK provides client with a written report containing findings and recommendations to help meet the stated goals.
  • Implement Financial Plan - Given the client wishes to engage BLK in any  additional assistance, a continuation of services is mutually agreed upon.
  • Monitor Plan - BLK recommends a periodic plan review which normally includes performance, portfolio rebalancing as well as major life event updates.

2.  Wealth Management Services

Phase one of this model consists of comprehensive financial planning and investment portfolio design on a one time fee basis as above.   Phase two includes asset management services which are provided on a tiered fee basis tied to the value of assets under management.  This phase includes developing,  implementing, and monitoring an Investment Policy Statement that includes the purpose, expectations, time horizon, and asset allocation strategy based on client suitability. 

3. Investment Management Services

We believe financial planning benefits everyone, although not everyone needs a written financial plan.  Under this model, BLK provides investment management services as a stand alone focus of its business.  The methodology and fee structure are the same as number two above minus the one time financial plan development fee.
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