Brian Kramer is the founder and Managing Member of BLK Financial Advisors, LLC.  This Registered Investment Advisory firm was formed as a result of Brian’s search in the marketplace for the right client/advisor model.  That search left him feeling there was a better solution ...... one that more closely aligns with clients best interests.  BLK Financial Advisor's services include investment management and financial planning fee- based advice to help clients analyze, develop, and review their financial profile based on needs and goals. This advice includes, but is not limited to, investment portfolio planning and review, risk and debt managementcollege funding, and retirement and estate planning.

Investing and managing finances became a way of life for Brian back in the late 80’s when he learned the importance of saving and investing early and often. During his 20 year career in corporate management he ran sales operations and taught his employees the importance of using the tax deferral benefits of qualified retirement plans. As his career advanced, stock options, deferred compensation plans, and pension plans continued to stoke his belief in taking advantage of whatever investment and tax deferral vehicles are accessible to a person.  Brian’s investing experience took him one step closer to pursuing financial advisement as a full time career when, as a favor to close acquaintances, Brian helped reposition their significant trust portfolios. This strategic adjustment helped them weather the downturn that ensued in late 2007 and 2008. Today, Brian professionally manages these holdings and others with the same investment philosophy of goal setting, planning, and execution as instilled starting back in the 80’s. 

Brian's personal data:
  • Born and raised in the Midwest where he graduated from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) with Honors and a BA degree in Marketing and double business emphasis that included excelling in Corporate Finance, Accounting, and Economics. 
  • Married 25 years, and an Arizona resident since 1987.  Brian has a step-daughter and 4 grandchildren that also reside in the Valley of the Sun.  
  • Enjoys travel, golf, music, and fitness in addition to his passion for investing and helping people reach their financial goals.

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